Arc spraying of Fe-Al coatings

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Piotr Siwek
Tomasz Chmielewski
Marcin Chmielewski


The paper presents preliminary results of research on the production of composite coatings from the Fe-Al system with participation of intermetallic phases in-situ using arc spraying. The spraying process was carried out by simultaneously melting two different electrode wires, aluminium and steel. The aim of the research is to create protective coatings with a composite structure with a significant participation of FexAly as a intermetallic phases reinforcement. The synthesis of intermetallic takes place during the (in-situ) spraying process. Currently most of coatings involving intermetallic phases are being manufactured by different thermal spraying methods using coating materials in form of prefabricated powders containing intermetallic phases. The obtained results showed that the local occurrence of intermetallic phases from the Fe-Al system, and the dominant components of the structure are two phases, aluminium solid solutions in iron and iron in aluminium. The participation of intermetallic phases in the coating is relatively low, but it’s effect on the properties of the coating material is significant.


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P. Siwek, T. Chmielewski, and M. Chmielewski, “Arc spraying of Fe-Al coatings”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 90, no. 3, Mar. 2018.
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